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A certain set of people have fallen victims of abuse; for this purpose, the Violence Against Women Act was amended to accommodate these people. The amended act also gave room for immigration authority to treat such an application with a special level of confidentiality. Our law firm doesn’t stop halfway; we go the extra mile to ensure the victim’s privacy.

Our legal service provides immigration processes and guides through necessary documentation to successfully obtain a VAWA green card. The green card processing provides eligibility to foreign citizens, both men, and women.

We can help a victim or an applicant file a self-petition without the abuser’s knowledge or awareness. This covers relatives of citizens or Permanent residents. Also, an unmarried child or child under the age of 21 can be eligible to apply for a green card.

There are certain requirements that you should meet to qualify for a green card as a victim.

Firstly, you must show that you were of good moral character, lived with your spouse, and suffered battery or treated with cruelty by a United States citizen or a person with a permanent residency.

A child can also qualify for a green card if he or she resides with an abusive parent, suffers battery or cruelty. He or she should have a good moral character.

Likewise, a parent can also be eligible if they reside with the abusive son or daughter, suffered battery or cruelty, and is of a good moral character.

We are professionals and help victims with high confidentiality, total privacy, and without the consent or knowledge of the abuser. We also provide other routes for immediate assistance and advice for the victim or applicant.