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U Visa

A Victim of a Crime Visa

The intent of Congress establishing a U Visa is to enforce the law and create a safer immigrant community.


Congress deems its feet to provide an incentive for crime victims to contact the police whenever they fell victim to a crime and help as witnesses in the investigation or prosecution of the crimes. Before now, most victims who wanted to report the crimes were afraid to do so due to the fear of being placed in deportation proceedings or being withheld by the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) if he or she does not have legal immigration status.


The crime committed in this area made the criminal at little or no risk of being arrested and brought to justice by the government. The immigrant community is not safe from victimization; for this reason, the United States Congress hopes to see the victims of these crimes used the incentive opportunity to help bring justice to the crimes committed to them.


The second motive of Congress’ establishing the U visa was to create an instrument for law enforcement agencies to help create a network of contact and connections within the immigrant communities. The fear immigrants have for the police makes it very difficult for law enforcement to prosecute cases and keep the community safe from violence or crimes. In this case, the essential requirements and eligibility for a U visa are that the victim is expected to cooperate with the law enforcement investigation or prosecution of a crime.


The U Visa Eligibility

To get a U visa, a victim should be able to prove the listed below:

  • He or she is a victim of a crime
  • He or she suffered physical or mental abuse as a result of the crime
  • He or she will be a useful resource to law enforcement
  • He or she has a piece of credible information on such criminal activity
  • The crime being committed against the victim violates the United States law