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Treaty Visas

Treaty Visas


Treaty National & Treaty Dependent Visas


Treaty Visas & Treaty Dependent Visas

We strongly trust in the notion that immigration leads to innovation. Under the treaty national and treaty dependent visa, we help companies, employees, and families by providing legal immigration services to meet their demand options, either treaty national or treaty dependent visa.


NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, provided the Mexicans and the Canadians with special non-immigration status for some specific set of jobs. This non-immigration status is given to these sects who are expected to live and work in the United States.


Our law firm will assist our clients in providing documents and processing of necessary legal service for the options below:

  • Canadian TN, Treaty National NAFTA for the Canadians
  • Canadian T.D. Visas, Visa for Treaty Dependent NAFTA for the Canadians
  • Mexican TN, Treaty National NAFTA for the Mexicans
  • Mexicans T.D. Visas, Visa for Treaty Dependent NAFTA for the Mexicans


Our law firm supports immigrations, especially for innovation. We have a selected team of professionals ready to help you find and make the right visa application choice based on your circumstance and goal.