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Removal of Conditions On Permanent Residency (I-751 Process)

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An immigrant’s “Green Card” is only valid for two years if it was obtained through marriage not up to two years old on the day the card was approved.

How is the Conditional Green Card made permanent?

Immigration law establishes that the conditional green card holder must provide evidence that the marriage is bona fide. Therefore, within 90 days and before the conditional card’s expiration, the couple must jointly provide documents and paperwork to the immigration to ascertain that the marriage is legitimate.

The conditions will be raised, and a permanent Green Card will be granted if the green card holder is still married to the United States citizen or permanent resident after 2 years. This application also considers children’s application if they received their conditional resident status within 90 days.

An I-751 Waiver may be Available if Joint Removal of Conditions can’t be ascertained

For a reason or two, the citizen or resident spouse, in some cases, may rarely agree to jointly participate in the condition’s removal process. Instance shows couples may no longer be in a good relationship or may be processing their divorce application. As a result, the United States immigration makes provision for several exceptions to the joint filing requirement, such as:

The Good Faith Marriage Waiver: To receive this waiver, the marriage is expected to be annulled via a divorce, and the couple have to provide evidence that the marriage was entered into in good faith. It is a very fact-sensitive area and will be critically looked upon in detail by immigration officials. For couples whose divorce or annulment is awaiting processing, USCIS, at times, permits additional time for the separation decree to be issued.