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O Visas

O Visas


These visas for extraordinary ability & for those who work abroad as part of an affiliate or branch office of the U.S. can be obtained with our legal advice.

We help provide legal documents for a petition that would be filed with the immigration service by either a U.S. employer for ongoing employment or by a U.S. agent for a pre-defined series of engagements supported by a contract or contracts and an itinerary stating where and when the foreign national of extraordinary ability performs services.


We also help process an advisory consultation with a labor union, management organization, or other peer groups required. The process includes Short of a major, widely recognized international award (Nobel, etc.), at least three types of evidence must be provided.


The initial O-1 petition can be approved for up to three years, depending on the extent of the applicant’s engagements in the U.S. This may be renewed or extended in one-year increments after expiration. If you have a continuing need to engage in long-term assignments, projects, or a group of related performances or activities, you might be able to receive extensions indefinitely. O-1 visa status will only be granted for the amount of time necessary to fulfill the itinerary.


O-2 visas exist for individuals who will accompany an O-1 visa holder. These visas are issued to assist the performance of foreign nationals of extraordinary ability. To obtain this status, the applicant must establish that they are an integral part of the performance because of critical skills or longstanding relationships with the principal O-1 holder.


They must assist the principal in a specific event or performance. An O-2 holder is not authorized to work independently of the O-1 principal. They will be admitted for the same length of time as the principal. O-2 visas are not available if the O-1A principal intends to work in the fields of science, business, or education.


O-3 visas exist for the spouse and dependent children of O-1 and O-2 visa holders. However, they will not be eligible to apply for work authorization (EAD – Employment Authorization Document) in this status.


The O-3 Visa holder will receive the same period of admission as the O-1/O-2 non-immigrant. Although they will not be able to work, they are eligible to study full-time or part-time.