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Legal Permanent Resident

The United States permanent residence visa, also known as Green Card, is the dream of individuals and families aspiring to live in the United States. 

However, the visa is only accessible to a few eligible persons.

The green card is a dream come true for individuals seeking to have the opportunity to be with their families, and for other individuals, it is a great step towards a brighter future. However, obtaining a green card comes with its requirements and responsibilities for Individuals granted the permanent residence visa by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.


Hence, it is advisable for individuals trying to obtain a green card to explore the eligibility and requirements for them to have an adequate understanding of the green card.



The Legal permanent residency, as good as it is, it is not an option for every individual. As a result, you are expected to meet specific requirements before you can obtain a green card, which includes:

  • Being eligible for admission into America
  • Have quick access to immigration visa
  • A prior filing of a qualified immigration petition and received approval.


Furthermore, individuals applying for permanent green card status should meet the eligibility requirements from one of the Immigration and Nationality Act’s immigrant categories.


The Roadmap To A Green Card

To get a green card, individuals already in the United States may apply for adjustment of their status, while individuals outside the United States may apply for consular processing. There are few exceptions to getting a green card for other individuals in the categories, such as having a family member who is currently a United States citizen, employment from an employer in the United States, or an individual seeking asylum or having refugee status.