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How does the pandemic impact the most common U.S. immigration processes both here in the U.S. and abroad?

The current pandemic has created many issues with processing cases, creating delays that frustrate those abroad and those currently in the States. When it comes to applicants currently in the United States, COVID-19 has created delays in scheduling interviews, taking biometrics, and having decisions be issued on pending applications. When it comes to people applying for visas abroad, movement varies greatly on the consulate and country. Some consulates are entirely closed while others are back to fully functioning. We have seen processing times increase, but are carefully monitoring our client’s cases so everyone can be prepared when movement is possible.

Can I work in the U.S. while waiting for my green card?

Yes, but only if you have received an EAD or Employment Authorization Document. Some people might know this document as a “work card”, “permiso”, etc. You cannot work in the United States without authorization.

How Do I Apply For Disability Benefits?

You can start the application process for SSDI or SSI by calling 1-800-772-1213 to schedule an interview. Before your interview, you will receive a disability starter kit in the mail. This kit contains the forms and information meant to guide and prepare you for the interview. You should review your starter kit as soon as possible to better prepare for your upcoming interview. You can also apply online, or in person at the nearest SSA office in your state.

Can I Still Receive Disability Benefits if I Return To Work?

Yes. The SSA has special rules that allow you to get back to work without jeopardizing your benefits. You may also be eligible for a trial work period for nine months to test if you are able to work.

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