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Consular Processing

B Visitor Visas

Visa applicants outside the United States are expected to use consular processing while obtaining a green card. Application made via consular processing means applicants waiting in their home country while the green card application is processed. This often takes several months, but much faster than Adjustment of Status, and the applicants continue their regular employment in the meantime.


AOS regarded as the Adjustment of Status is only available to people residing in the United States instead of consular processing. Several cases show that people applying for green cards come to the United States to file an AOS application instead of consular processing. However, there is no provision made for such a process for doing so, and just a few Visas enables individuals entering the United States to adjust their status.


The qualifiers of green card via marriage, employment, or different means must have filed the relevant petition like the Form I-130 for marriage green cards should apply via consular processing. Once the petition is approved and a green card is available for the applicant, the applicant will begin consular processing. If an applicant is married to a U.S. citizen, the applicant may wait for a lengthy time for a visa number. Applicants should check their priority date to see when they can apply.


As an applicant partnering with our law firm, our independent immigration attorney examines your application and answers all your lingering questions.


Consular processing has a multiple-step procedure, and it’s expedient to understand the journey an applicant must undergo.


Consular processing may be more complex than it can be imagined. That’s why our law firms collected the necessary government forms and interpreted them to simpler questions you can answer online.