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When you are eager to become a U.S. citizen, following the appropriate and legal steps towards doing so is essential.

Foreign-born individuals above 18 years must have a green card before applying for citizenship. We are capable and ready to help you process the certificate of citizenship.

Obtaining citizenship via naturalization is regarded as the transition from non-citizen to citizenship by meeting certain requirements and qualifications.

The United States provides the eligibility requirements for individuals who aspire to become citizens of the United States.

He or she should have been a permanent resident of the United States for non-less than 5 years and with a green card.

He or she must have been a permanent resident for over three years and is married to a citizen of the United States.

Also, individuals must meet certain residency requirements before applying for citizenship in the United States. The individual is expected to be physically present in the States for about 30 months from the 5-year permanent residency rule or 18 months from the permanent residency rule of 3 years and married to a United States citizen.

However, active military service members are exempted from these requirements and some other individuals who can read, write, speak English, and understand the United States history and government.

We are here to guide you on how to process your citizenship certificate. Our services cover a permanent resident with a green card, a permanent resident member with a spouse in the United States, or an active military service member.